After a brief setback, we had been enthusiastically preparing to officially announce the start of the trial rollout phase of the Biblius project the week after March break. Alas, even though he’s a digital creature, our little fox is not immune to the unprecedented situation all of us now find ourselves in.

Project timeline

Because of the school closures, the various projects that were to take place over the coming weeks have had to be cancelled. These projects were part of the trial rollout phase, during which we had planned to document use of e-books in school settings, including their in-class use for teaching purposes.

The data that were to have been collected and analyzed in that phase, covering technical, pedagogical and economic aspects, are essential to supporting the work and thinking around the coming rollout to all schools in Québec.

The trial rollout phase has been postponed. The entire project timeline is being revised by the MEES and the various partners involved. Information about the new timeline will be shared as soon as possible.

Access to the Biblius platform

The settings that are taking part in the trial rollout phase have access to the platform. Certain tests can therefore be run and technical development can continue.

For a number of technical and legal reasons, however, it is unfortunately impossible to expand access to the platform to more schools.


Please feel free to get in touch with us.