Tools and training

Tools for teachers and school staff

Tools and training for Biblius local administrators and documentation services staff

Promotionnal material

For teachers and school staff 

These tools are intended to complement the training and support offered in each school environment by professional librarians, educational advisers, etc. They aim to support teachers and school staff in understanding the different functions of the platform.

Primary Biblius administrators

For any questions or support regarding the use of the platform, please refer to the person in charge of Biblius in your school environment (Primary Biblius administrators). To do so :

  • Consult the lists below (in alphabetical order of school environments).
  • See your internal directory to know the email of the person.

NOTE: If you can not find your school board, private school or First Nation schools not under agreement in those lists, it means that Biblius is not available yet.

Short videos

The Biblius team produces short video clips that aim to guide and equip school staff in their technical use of the platform.

NOTE : Those videos are only available in French.

Sharing : These videos can be shared (websites, Facebook groups, etc.). Please note, however, that the Biblius team may update certain videos during the school year. This update will cause a change in the Youtube URL of the video. It is therefore suggested to share this page, rather than the individual videos.

Terms of use

To find out how the Biblius platform and ebooks can be used in class, see the following section.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The FAQ on this website can be really helpful to understand all the aspect of the ebooks lending platform. 

For local Biblius administrators and documentation services staff

Admin guide and tools 


Many tools are available for the local Biblius administrators, librarians and documentation technicians, such as: 

These tools are gathered in a knowledge base (“Base de connaissance“): it is a site powered that offers short articles allowing administrators to quickly and efficiently consult the information they need. It is only available in French.


Two ways to access it :

  • Via the Help module of your Biblius administration dashboard.
  • By accessing the site directly: see here.

The tools offered in the For teachers and school staff section may also be of interest.

Training and question sessions


We offer a training program and question sessions to support documentary staff and Biblius administrators. The trainings are free of charge.

It aims to provide an understanding of the general operation of digital lending in school libraries, as well as to master all the functions necessary for the local administration of the platform.

Technical support


See this page (French only).


To join our team in need of assistance for technical problems, please fill this form.

Note 1: This form is also available in the Help module of your Biblius administration dashboard.

Note 2: Only the forms completed by the local administrators will receive a response. Students, teachers and school staff should instead refer to the person(s) responsible for Biblius in their school board of school services center. The latter is usually the professional librarian stationed at the administrative center.

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Promotional material

We offer web banners, bookmarkers, posters and stickers to help promote Biblius in schools. All the promotional material is available in French and in English. It can easily be dowloaded from the website and printed or used locally.

To access to all promo material :

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