We are delighted to announce that school settings connected to Biblius can now begin purchasing e-book licences for their local collections!

Online bookstore for purchases

A reminder that the digital titles available for purchase on the institutional site of the Librairies indépendantes du Québec (LIQ, Québec’s independent booksellers) are those for which their publishers have agreed to sign the Biblius licence.

The URL for the LIQ institutional site is https://collectivites.leslibraires.ca/scolaire?locale=en.

This link allows consultation of available digital titles only. To access the purchase function, you must log on as an administrator in Biblius. Switching to the transactional portion of the LIQ institutional site is done directly from the Biblius control panel.

Lastly, note that, to access the admin interface, you must have completed the training provided by Bibliopresto and the Biblius platform must have been rolled out to your school setting. To learn more about the rollout timeline, read our earlier article on the subject.

Happy browsing!