During the trial rollout phase (January to June 2020), the 17 school settings selected by the MEES will be experimenting with use of the Biblius platform as part of a series of projects.

Steps in the process

The people in charge were asked to collaborate with various school staff members (e.g., documentation technicians, teachers, counsellors, special-needs teachers). Together, they had to define and plan pedagogical projects adapted to their specific settings. The projects proposed involved:

  • Various clienteles (special-needs, regular, reception classes);
  • Various reading contexts (e.g., in-class, extracurricular, individual, in reading circles);
  • All grades targeted by the Biblius project (preschool to Secondary V, plus vocational training and adult general education); and
  • Interprofessional collaboration around e-book loans in school libraries to foster digital reading habits among students.

Presentation of the projects: collaborative website

To share the various projects to be undertaken, a collaborative website has been set up by the 17 Phase 2 participants.

The descriptive files presented will be added to by the persons in charge until June 2020: be sure to check back in to the site regularly!

Site: https://sites.google.com/view/bisco-livresnumeriques/accueil