We are pleased to present two OFFICIAL TRAILERS !

Produced with a professional agency, these trailers are intended as promotional tools to publicize the digital school library. Lasting 15 secondes or 2 minutes, they can be shared in your circles, on social networks, or wherever you want !

They have been added to the Promotional Materials section of this website, along with the posters, bookmarks and other tools provided by the Biblius team.

Good viewing ! (Only in French)


Other Capsules

During the launch of Biblius in the public school network, on September 29, our team produced a short video capsule (only in French) presenting, in particular, the common collection offered by the MEQ. It remains available on the YouTube Biblius channel, along with all the other capsules produced by our team to support the use of the platform. To learn more, see the Tools and training page.

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