The ELODiL multilingual picture books (Albums plurilingues ÉLODiL) is a collection of eleven picture books written in French and published by two Quebec publishing houses (Les 400 coups and La courte échelle). They have been translated (audio and text) into twenty languages, as part of the ÉLODiL projects (Éveil au Langage et Ouverture à la Diversité Linguistique (Awakening to Language and Openness to Linguistic Diversity), University of Montreal) which aim to promote openness to linguistic and cultural diversity among all Quebec students.

These 11 picture books are included in the common collection, which is offered in Biblius for every student and staff member of the Québec public schools system.

To learn how to access and use ÉLODiL picture books, see this short video (French only).

ÉLODiL picture books are offered on Biblius as the result of a collaboration between:

  • The ministère de l’Éducation (MEQ)
  • Françoise Armand, professeure titulaire à la faculté des sciences de l’éducation de l’Université de Montréal
  • Publishers: Les 400 coups and La courte échelle
  • Bibliopresto

To know more :

  • Albums plurilingues ÉLODiL (in French only): voir ici.
  • Projets ÉLODiL (in French only): voir ici.


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