The Biblius platform will be put into maintenance mode from July 1, 2020 until the next school year.

June 30 marks both the end of the trial rollout and the expiration date of licenses acquired during the 2020-2021 school year.

The enthusiasm for Biblius is felt. We know that the platform meets several needs and that some school boards would have liked to be able to continue to use it without interruption, especially in the context of summer classes.

However, we need to take a short summer break in order to:

– migrate to a new version of the connector connecting the Biblius platform to the Mozaïk portal;
– finalize the procedures for the next licenses that will be offered from fall 2021;
– set up new functionalities, for example reservations.

A comeback in the fall!

Fall 2021 will mark the start of a new phase for our little digital fox. The gradual deployment will continue in Quebec school service centers (SSC) and school boards (SB). We will also begin to connect private educational institutions.

At the same time, work will continue to improve the various components of the project. Training will again be offered, and various tools will be developed to facilitate the use of the platform.

More communications will follow on this subject: stay tuned!

Thank you

The MEQ, Bibliopresto and its collaborators would like to thank the actors in the school environment for their commitment to the Biblius project. Thanks to the data and comments collected, we will be able to continue to improve the platform in order to better serve Quebec students and school staff.

The Biblius team wishes you all a wonderful summer.

We look forward to continuing this great adventure with you next fall!